Yufuin Oyado Ichizen

Oyado Ichizen


Yufuin Oyado Ichizen

Yufuin Oyado Ichizen




A Blissful Short Retreat Enveloped
by Yufuin's Nature.
Rejuvenate your mind and body in the hot springs and saunas,
Enjoy quality time with your beloved dog in the private dog run.


A new guest room "Bettei" has been unveiled at Yufuin Oyado Ichizen.
This "Bettei" is a luxurious space for exclusive rental,
offering panoramic views of the beautiful Yufuin landscape surrounded by nature.
Equipped with a private dog run and barrel sauna on the premises,
it's a recommended room for a special trip with your loved ones or stays with your pets.
In the spacious private setting,
guests can enjoy relaxed moments without any concerns.
Please savor this blissful time where both your mind and body can rejuvenate amidst the serene surroundings.

SCENERecommended Usage Scenarios


Perfect for a Three-Generation Family Trip

With spacious living rooms, decks, and in-room baths, our accommodations provide ample space for a comfortable stay even for three generations.
Why not create special memories of a unique trip with three generations of your family?


Enjoy the Famous Yufuin Hot Springs to the Fullest

In addition to in-room baths, our accommodations feature 100% natural Yufuin hot spring water.
Since you'll have the entire "Bettei" to yourself without sharing with other guests, you can indulge in the Yufuin hot springs whenever and as much as you like. Revel in the outstanding skin-beautifying effects of this gentle and soothing hot spring.


Refresh Your Mind and Body in the Sauna

We have introduced an authentic barrel sauna on our property where you can enjoy a traditional Finnish löyly experience.
Exclusively for our guests, this allows you to relish the sauna without distractions and fully immerse yourself in the lush natural surroundings of Yufuin.

GUEST ROOMRoom Introduction

Exclusive Rental Style

Relax at your leisure without any worries about your surroundings.

Ichizen "Bettei" is a two-story villa-style guest room. On the first floor, there's an 8-tatami mat Japanese-style room, a living area, a natural flow hot spring bath, a spacious deck, and a private dog run.
On the second floor, you'll find three luxurious bedrooms. Enjoy your time in this peaceful space without concerns about your surroundings.


Private Baths in Each Room

You can enjoy the hot spring in your room whenever you like.

The spring water that flows from the base of Mount Yufu has a very gentle touch on the skin,
and its smooth texture is said to have beautifying effects,
known as "Bijin-yu" or "beauty hot spring", which is popular among women.


Experience the supreme sauna experience in a small forest filled with the natural ambiance of Yufuin.
Our guest-exclusive barrel sauna is equipped with a sauna stove that allows for löyly.
Whenever you wish, as much as you desire, you can enjoy a communion with nature through the sauna.

Nurtured by the mountains of the Yufuin Basin,a water bath using underground water.

An essential part of the sauna experience, the water bath uses the blessings of underground water from the mountains.
With minimal surface influences, the water quality remains consistent,offering fresh water at a comfortable temperature.
Along with the hot springs and sauna, feel the nature of Yufuin in the water bath to cleanse both body and mind.


Indulge in seasonal creative dishes made with an abundance of fresh ingredients nurtured in the rich nature of Oita.
Experience our proud creations finished with traditional techniques.

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